Our alpacas:

We are justifiably proud of our Huacaya herd that features alpacas of Peruvian, Peruvian Accoyo, Bolivian & Chilean ancestry.  From moderate production dams to premium quality show stock, we have alpacas for both new and established breeers.

We provide mentoring/consulting (at no charge) before and after sales.  We offer a free on-site consultation (subject to time availability) to any prospective purchaser on request.  You merely provide (or pay for, at actual cost) local transportation to/from your nearest major airport, overnight accomodations and meals.  Purchasers receive our commitment to 24/7 support no matter where you're located.  Your success is our success!

We go beyond most farm guarantees, including:

Full reproductive guarantees on all breeding stock.

Live birth guarantee (bred females/maidens sold with breeding/stud services):  Free rebreeding to any Acres of Love herdsire (including ultrasound pregnancy confirmation) should pregnancy not result in a live (for 30 days after birth) cria for any reason other than negligence.

Female cria guarantee (bred females/maidens sold with breeding/stud services):  Free rebreeding to any Acres of Love herdsire (including ultrasound pregnancy confirmation) until you are blessed with a female cria.

Should pregnancy (bred females/maidens sold with breedings/stud services) not result in a live birth or not result in a female cria and you elect not to rebreed with an Acres of Love herdsire, any stud services due will be credited to you to be used within 5 years.  At your option, you may sell any stud services due under live birth and female cria guarantees (excluding free ultrasound).

Purchasers receive the following:

An informative 2 volume alpaca "Owner's Manual" covering business, fiber, health, husbandry, marketing, shearing, taxes, training and more.

Halter and lead.

Nationwide (48 states) free delivery of breeding stock.

Free loan of a companion alpaca for first-time buyers purchasing only one alpaca (return transportation excluded), or a free non-breeder companion alpaca, subject to availability.

Free agisting of any purchased alpaca up to 90 days.  Reduced rate agisting of any purchased alpaca (beyond 90 days) and custom agisting/marketing arrangements available.

Low interest financing available.

We're always available to talk alpacas.  Feel free to call or email at any time.  Or, let us know if you'd like us to call you.  Ranch visits are encouraged.  Our alpacas know that visitors always give them treats, so they're always glad to see guests!  And, we are too.

Let us know what we might do to assist your alpaca venture.

Alpacas available for sale and stud services are listed below.

Our alpacas include bloodlines/genetics from:

BRAVO BRAVO HST G468 High selling Chilean herdsire
ACERO MARKA'S ROCKAMUNDO Award winning Bolivian herdsire
4PERUVIAN ACCOYO'S MACUSANI 6034 Hand-picked Accoyo macho
PERUVIAN SNOWMASTER Award winning macho (now in Australia)
4PERUVIAN LEGACY 6016 Hand picked Peruvian macho
6PERUVIAN ACCOYO HUGO 5056 IMPR98 Hand picked Accoyo macho
PERUVIAN HEMINGWAY G171 World renowned Peruvian macho
4PERUVIAN PACHACUTI 6011 Handpicked Accoyo macho
K-2 Award-winning Peruvian Macho
El BELLO Award-winning Studmaster macho
NWA, LTD HALDANE A Hemingway son

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